Make Love GROW

Make Love Grow: in your HEART, in your HOME, in your community, in the WORLD. 


This starts with YOU:


This means taking care of yourself so that you can take care of others.

Self Care Products

Take time for yourself so you can care for others. Replenish yourself with nourishing bath products and supplements that bring balance and rest.


Make Love Grow in YOUR HOME:


Take care of the ones you love, even four-legged beings! The love you show them makes them grow.

Animals are family to us- just like they are to you! Feed them the best. We carry only the cleanest, high quality food we can find.


Make Love Grow in YOUR COMMUNITY:


Spend your Money Locally, and Volunteer your time.

• For every $100 spent at a local business, $68 stays IN the community. Spending $100 at a local chain only brings $43 back.

• If everyone spent an extra $10 at a locally-owned business rather than a national chain, over 9.3 BILLION dollars would be directly returned into our economy.

For more info on why spending locally is important, check out these links below:


Contribute your time!

There are opportunities to give back EVERYWHERE. Find out where you can lend a hand in our county by visiting our county website:

Hunterdon County, New Jersey Volunteer Opportunities.


Make Love Grow in THE WORLD:


 Love grows in the WORLD when you choose to let it!

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