10 Supplements to Stock Up On from this Month’s Sale

This month’s sale is on Boiron and Europharma: 25% Off! Perfect time to stock up!

Boiron Supplements

  1. Oscillococcinum

This is one of our go-to remedies for fighting off flu-symptoms. It is safe, natural and easy to take. It has been shown in clinical studies to help reduce both the duration and the severity of flu-like symptoms (www.oscilli.com). We recommend always having a box on-hand at home so that you are prepared for when these dreaded symptoms hit! Oscillococcinum is best taken at the FIRST sign of symptoms.

  1. Sabadil

Allergies are the worst! With Spring around the corner, we all need to be prepared. Itchy and watery eyes, sneezing, runny noses, and itchy noses are all part of the nuisance that this homeopathic supplement can address. Keep a box on hand at work, in your purse, and at home.

  1. Arnicare Gel

For muscle pain, stiffness, swelling from injuries and bruising, this stuff is a life-saver. Simply apply the gel onto your skin in the affected areas. The gel absorbs so nicely and provides wonderful relief from the discomfort of pain. It is unscented, non-greasy and gentle on skin.

  1. Kali Phosphoricum 30c

Too many hours spent working – especially staring at your computer and smart phone? We’ve all been there. This homeopathic remedy is one of the most popular for good reason. It is used to alleviate discomfort from tension headaches associated with intellectual fatigue. The tube of pellets is easily stored in your purse or workbag so you can reach for it as soon as your headache hits you.

  1. Hypericum Perforatum 30c

Many of us suffer from nerve pain at some point in our lives: sciatica, fibromyalgia, shingles and more. These conditions can be incredibly painful to manage. With more folks preferring to opt for natural, non-prescription pain relief, this is a great option to manage nerve pain.  As a homeopathic remedy, Hypericum Peforatum is safe to take in conjunction with other medications and supplements.

Europharma’s Terry Naturally

  1. CuraMed 350mg Effervescent Tablets

Many chronic health conditions are inflammatory-based. Beyond swelling and stiffness, inflammation can cause pain, which can impact mobility and mood. Pain medications are often prescribed by healthcare practitioners to manage symptoms, but they do not address the root of the problem. Steroids are also often prescribed by healthcare practitioners to manage the swelling, but do not come without some major side effects.  Curcuma longa – the active concentrate of turmeric – provides powerful natural relief from inflammation. For folks who have trouble with swallowing pills or tablets, these dissolvable effervescent tablets are a great effective alternative.

  1. Curamin PM

If chronic pain keeps you awake at night, this supplement is something to consider. Curcuma longa, in combination with 5mg of melatonin (our body’s own natural hormone that regulates our sleep cycles) will help alleviate occasional discomfort and sleeplessness.

  1. Vectomega Omega-3 Plus Phospholipids & Peptides

Many of us choose to supplement with Omega-3 fatty acids to support healthy hearts and immune systems. In addition, these supplements help support healthy skin, hair, nails, joints, and eyes.  There are so many good options today, but this product is easily one of our favorites. Created from North Atlantic Salmon, it is the only omega-3 bound to phospholipids and peptides, the building blocks of healthy cell membranes.

  1. Traumaplant Comfrey Cream

Comfrey Cream has been used for years to help heal bruises, pulled muscles, fractures, sprains, strains, and osteoarthritis. In more recent years, comfrey has gotten a bad reputation due to a toxic component within it called, pyrrolizidine alkaloids, that can damage the liver. However, Terry Naturally’s Traumaplant Comfrey Cream has been carefully formulated WITHOUT the inclusion of this component, so that we can enjoy all the benefits of comfrey without the dangerous side effects.

  1. CuraMed 750mg Superior Absorption Curcumin

Like the effervescent tablets, CuraMed is an incredible product for managing discomfort associated with inflammation; however, this product is in capsule form and is formulated at the 750mg strength to provide maximum effectiveness to those coping with more intense symptoms. We talk with countless customers each week who rave about this product and how it’s helped given them quality of life back!


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