Postcards from Our 24 Stop Tour

While you were going about your daily life these past six weeks, we were busy running around visiting local vendors, non-profits, artisans, and suppliers of ours in celebration of our 24th Anniversary in business. We had a TON of fun doing it!

Each visit included a live broadcast to Facebook and Instagram. If you didn’t catch any of the action, you’ll want to head over to our Facebook page and check it out now. If you did catch one or more of our visits, you’ll notice a few things were made clear: we live in an amazing community filled with wonderful organizations, beautiful land, intelligent people, and fruitful wildlife!

Read more about each of our stops below!

First, we hung out with Olga, the owner of our favorite local kombucha company, Baba’s Brew. She taught us about some of the secrets behind her grandma’s (Baba herself!) famous recipe for this delightfully bubbly good-for-your-gut beverage that left us sipping daily.

Then, we headed down the street from our Clinton location to visit our favorite local coffee shop on Main Street, Citispot Coffee. We said hi to a friendly barista and checked out their awesome selection of hot and cold beverages while we enjoyed one of our very own snack packs, for sale in the deli case at their café!

Next, we stopped by Pulp Café in Frenchtown to get a behind-the-scenes tour of their kitchen with owner, Cody, and their vegetarian chef. We learned about how they make their vegan “bacon” and got to sample their delicious blueberry scones!

Then we enjoyed a long visit with our four legged friends at Common Sense for Animals in Broadway, NJ. After dropping off a much needed donation of goods, we got a tour of the facility and spread the word about all the adorable animals up for adoption.

Next, we visited staff at the Hunterdon Art Museum to check out the latest exhibit and learn about upcoming summer camps and learning opportunities for adults.

Then we took a break for some much needed fresh air at Sandbrook Meadow Farm in Stockton, NJ. We got a tour of their beautiful grounds and saw seedlings growing in the greenhouse before making it to our shelves.

The next visit was at Sugar Maple Jerseys where owner Heidi treated us to cheese curds and a walk through the pasture with her Jersey dairy cows! We met some of the calves and even got a chance to milk Emma – one of the ladies of the herd!

Next, we had the pleasure of visiting Goats of Anarchy – a local non-profit that rescues and rehabilitates goats through crowd-sourced funding. We held, petted and chatted with each of the goats that the world has grown to love thanks to the work of the founder, Leanne.

Then we pit-stopped in Flemington at Jersey Community Acupuncture to receive treatment and learn more about the practice. Owner Nicole, a licensed Acupuncturist and Oriental Medicine practitioner, educated us on the benefits of this popular and effective alternative treatment for pain, anxiety, infertility, depression, headaches, hormonal concerns, digestive issues and more.

Next, we drove out to the beautiful, certified organic Comeback Farm in the Musconetcong River Valley in Bethlehem Township, NJ. Farmer Mark walked us through his fields and demonstrated some of the innovative organic farming methods employed by his team.

The next place we stopped was the famous Red Mill in Clinton where we walked through the museum and got a live private demonstration from the resident blacksmith!

Her Fitness in Flemington was our next stop. Owner/instructor Marie let us peek in on a morning group workout session where we learned about what makes her techniques effective and fun!

Then, we hopped over the Delaware River to Upper Black Eddy, where Homestead Coffee Roasters is located. We enjoyed a tour and aromas of the roasting facility where we got to meet members of this family-run business.

Next, we stopped at Addicted Chic boutique in Flemington – just across the street from our store. There, owner and stylish Annie treated us to personal style make-overs and fitted us into new pairs of killer jeans!

A stop at Flemington Chiropractic Center got us straightened out again, as we received a free chiropractic adjustment from Dr. Lindsey, owner. We got a tour of her beautiful office and learned how chiropractic care can be a great alternative treatment for those suffering from pain.

Woodlands Wildlife Refuge was our next stop in Pittstown, NJ. We learned how this great organization takes in and rehabilitates wildlife in our community and we dropped off a donation of fruits & veggie scraps for the animals.

Next, we were paid a visit from the founder and owner or Trimona Yogurt. We learned what makes Bulgarian-style yogurt unique and how it is great for your digestive system. Sampling the different flavors was a real treat!

Then, we visited the gorgeous Stanley at Riding With Heart. Stanley is one of many horses that work with children and adults with special needs, behavioral disorders, and emotional trauma. We took a walk through their sensory garden and learned how volunteers can help.

Owner and Artisan, Jennifer of Bon Nut Butters graciously allowed us to stop by her production facility to see the making of her nut butters in action. We sampled each of her varieties and had way too much trouble deciding which one was our favorite!

Next, we stopped by Dvoor Farms in Flemington to witness opening day of the Hunterdon Land Trust’s summer farmer’s market. As an annual sponsor of this weekly event, it was a joy to see the market crowded again this year!

Then, we loaded up our van and brought a hefty donation of food and goods to Fisherman’s Mark in Lambertville. We learned how this organization helps support the needy in our community by providing them with access to nourishing food.

A tour of the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter next generated a lot of attention. We met with kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs – all up for adoption. We also dropped off several boxes full of treats, food, and cleaning supplies to help support the good work of the shelter!

Next, we visited Gardener Family Chiropractic to meet with Dr. Gardener herself and see several patients receiving care. We learned about her innovative alternative treatment method and gained fresh appreciation for chiropractic care.

Then, we got a visit from Erin of Chia Star. We enjoyed sampling of the delicious, low-sugar, refreshing chia beverages outside on our patio in the sun.

Our final stop was to Cotton Cattle Company in the Musconetcong River Valley in Bethlehem Township, NJ. We hung out in the grazing fields with the herd and Farmer Bryce where he taught us about the holistic approach to his grass-fed cattle company where cows enjoy freedom, stress-free living with a nutrient-dense diet.

  • Darla
    Posted at 20:09h, 07 June

    Thanks for the recap and all the links. I went along for the whole trip and it was great fun! I got a little homesick, though. But, now I have some places to look up the next time I’m back in the area!!