Pack For Wellness: Our Travel Favorites!

Check out this extensive video on what we love to pack to stay comfortable, relaxed and WELL.


Here’s our List:

Ghana Market Basket



Moso bags

Mount Hagen Instant Coffee

Preserve Recycled Toothbrush

Dr. Tung Sanitizing Disks

Olbas Oil Inhaler

Giovanni Sanitizing Towelettes

Incense Matches

Stainless Steel Shaker Bottle

Vega Protein Packets

Urban Moonshine Bitters- Chamomile

Enzymedica Digest Gold

Green Goo First Aid stick

Renew Life Ultimate Flora shelf stable packs

Super Lysine Immune Support

RX Bars

Beef Sticks

Nut Butter Packets

MyChelle Sun Shield Coconut Sunscreen


Urban Moonshine Joy Tonic

Urban Moonshine Sleep Tonic

Monq Inhalers

Dégagé Gardens Sleep Mask

XClear Nasal Spray

Pill Keeper

Smarty Pants Gummi Vitamins in Packets


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