Try our Fruit Moon Smoothie!

Vines and trees are heavy with fruit, and the light is changing. Fall is creeping up, but summer isn’t over yet. It always leaves us with the gift of rich, ripe fruit. It’s inspired us to celebrate the beauty of the harvest.

Our smoothie this month features a seasonal favorite: Cantaloupe. We were inspired to create something sweet and hydrating and at its peak flavor right now. Cantaloupe is full of potassium, vitamin C, beta carotene, and more.

We paired it with Peach, another seasonal favorite and added Mango for a smooth texture and sweetness. Almond milk adds protein, and a pinch of cardamom ties all the flavors together. Next we round it out with Zach & Zoe Lavender Honey to elevate all the flavors.

We didn’t stop at flavor: we added nutrient dense collagen. Great Lakes Collagen Hydrolysate is 90% protein, is fantastic for gut health and helps build strong hair, skin and nails.


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