Our Go-To Supplements for Staying WELL

Leaves are just starting to change, the air is getting crisp, and off in the distance you can hear the seasonal sound of…someone coughing. Here we go again.

Heading back to school means lots of kids in small places, high stress levels with homework,  and very active lives with extracurricular activities.  Start now by  boosting the immune system and get a head start on a healthy school year and all it’s sneezing, coughing and general ickiness.

Vitamin C – of course, and with added bioflavonoids is helpful (like eating the whole orange – the fruit with the white pith).  C helps to keep your cells clean and boost the immune system.  Whatever your body doesnt need will be eliminated so don’t be timid about ramping up the dosage.
While we know that vitamin D is important for bone health and healthy growth in children, it has also shown to be an important vitamin to the immune system.  Start taking your vitamin D now, and continue through April (the month when the sun is closest to the earth).
Elderberry syrup, a great source of vitamin C, proanthocyanadin flavonoids and is known to have antiviral proteins!  Kids love the taste, so this is a no-brainer!
Astragalus strengthens our immune reservoir and is helpful for allergic rhinitis – the fall ragweed is in full bloom now!  This is a great herb for teachers heading back to the classroom to ward off colds and respiratory illnesses.
Our shelves are stocked and ready with flavorful Zand herbal lozenges – made with zinc  and an herbal blend rich in vitamin C.  A great little nutritive support to boost the immune system and soothe the throat.  The orange flavor is popular with kids!
A Wellness Formula is great way to boost our immune system heading in to winter – we have quite a few on the shelves, filled with vitamins, herbs, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories!  Bluebonnet, Source Naturals and Basil Bandwagon all have superior wellness formulas!
A large part of our immune system lies in the gut, so keeping our gut microbiome healthy is important.  Pick up a probiotic with at least 7 strains of probiotic cultures! Boost that beneficial bacteria and crowd out the unhealthy ones!
And of course, don’t forget to stock the freezer with organic chicken bone broth to prepare a quick chicken soup – a proven remedy for quicker healing time with colds!


  • Kimberly
    Posted at 20:34h, 18 September

    Thank you so much for this helpful information and just in time for the school year! Always great to know that staying healthy can be simple and fun! Thank you Basil Bandwagon!!