Local Spotlight: Her Fitness New Jersey

Starting fresh with fitness and a healthy diet is a huge challenge. We ALL want to get there, of course, but how do you stay motivated? How do you avoid injury? Most important: How do you really get results?

Carolyn found herself looking at 40 with a few extra pounds that crept up on her. Stress led to fatigue which led to the bad habits that so many of us get into, and she was struggling to feel like she could get it under control.

Working with Marie Ande and her group fitness sessions allowed her to see results for the first time in almost a decade.

Her Fitness is Personal training in a group setting for women who are committed to becoming or staying healthy, fit and strong.

In addition to Her Fitness, Carolyn stuck to clean eating. Cutting back on sugar, starch, and dairy- she had to find ways to make sure her meals were thought out ahead of time.

One thing Marie suggested was a good protein shake in the morning. We LOVE Plant Fusion Lean Protein- its super filling, and mixes easily with almond milk in a shaker bottle (and it tastes awesome!):

Carolyn’s go-to lunch was the Mushroom Turkey Burger over greens from the cafe:

Taking good care of your gut is important when you’re trying to drop weight. Getting the most out of your food ensures your body won’t push you into cravings. Probiotics are instrumental:

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