Nourish 2018

Every year, we strive to make a change in our lives and ourselves. This is often things that will improve our lives, like exercise, diet, or getting more sleep. Maybe you are looking to start painting again, or traveling more- all these things are a part of what you hope will eventually give you the life you dream of.

These notions are statistically known to fail. Only 8% of people will stick to their plan- the rest of us try to pretend we never said anything.

So, should we NOT strive to make goals for ourselves in the new year?

Perhaps there’s an idea out there thats broader, and more likely to bring success.

NOURISH yourself this year.


Instead of resolutions, goals or challenges- how about an outlook that will feed your entire life? This is where the word “nourish” comes in.


Here’s 3 ways to Nourish yourself this year:


#1 Feed Your Body

Instead of simply forcing yourself to choose salads and cutting out cupcakes, look to increase the nutrition of every single thing you eat.

Nutrient dense choices aren’t always the easiest foods to grab, but they are out there. Here’s some easy swaps:

• Spaghetti Squash instead of Pasta

• Mashed Avocado in stead of mayo on a sandwich

• Kombucha instead of Soda

• Cauliflower in place of potatoes.

Check out this months Featured Smoothie, aptly named “Nourish Smoothie”– featuring a superfood ingredient that takes this simple, fresh smoothie to another nutritional level.

Also, take advantage of this month’s supplement sale! See our favorites here.

#2 Feed Your Mind

Look at your life and find places where you can engage that amazing brain of yours. Seek out new skills and subjects: browse bookstores, sign up for e-classes and step out there. Your brain needs exercise as much as your body, and getting your mind flexible will give your whole world to expand.

#3 Feed Your Spirit

Carve out time to connect with something spiritual. This can mean anything from meditation, to mass, to a long walk along the ocean. Write down your thoughts, light some incense- make it feel spiritual even if you don’t know how. This kind of practice can go a long way and help cement all the good you are doing in the rest of your life.


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