Christina Maser Candles & Room Sprays

These are clean burning and smell fresh until the last bit of wax is gone. They are made of pure essential oils and soy!

Bon Nut Butters

We are in LOVE with these local nut butters. You will want a spoon- not a knife. You’ll want to eat this right out of the jar!

Lakeside Maple Granola in Bulk!

This LOCAL company makes delightfully light a crunchy granola we are all addicted to! Grab some in our bulk section and add to yogurt!

Pamela’s Gluten Free Ambition Bars

These bars are not only flavored like your favorite hot beverage, they feature added caffeine for a nice clean BOOST of energy!

John Masters Organics Travel Set

Whether you are heading out on a trip, or you just want to experience John Masters luxurious products, this set is PERFECT.