Hawaiian Rolls from Alpine Valley Organic

These Certified Organic Hawaiian-style dinner rolls are sweet, fluffy, and delicious — perfect with your home-cooked favorites, as an easy snack, or even as sliders!

Ithaca Lemon & Beet Hummus

Another awesome selection from Ithaca Hummus: whole beets with chickpeas and fresh lemon juice to bring you a GORGEOUS Lemon and Beet hummus.

Louisville Vegan Jerky Co.

Meat-free Jerky sounds weird and NOT tasty- but this stuff has the satisfying texture and savory flavor of the real stuff and remains no only VEGAN, but free of junky ingredients!


Leaky Gut is something more and more people are familiar with. Restore contains Terrahydrate which helps fill the gaps that cause the body to absorb what it shouldn’t!

John Masters Organics Travel Set

Whether you are heading out on a trip, or you just want to experience John Masters luxurious products, this set is PERFECT.