Who We Are

Basil Bandwagon Natural Market is a complete natural food store, a destination shopping experience featuring certified organic food products, locally produced goods, the highest quality supplements, body care, and natural lifestyle products.


We offer a huge selection of gluten-free, paleo-diet, and raw food products, as well as large frozen and refrigerated sections representing the best product selection in the natural foods industry. Organic produce, meat, sustainably harvested seafood, and local and international cheeses — all have a place at Basil Bandwagon.


The market is renowned for its courteous, professional, and especially knowledgeable staff. In addition, Basil Bandwagon Natural Market offers organic meals in its Farm to Market Cafe. The buyers at Basil Bandwagon continuously curate the finest, cutting-edge, integrity-based products onto the shelves to provide a shopping experience that is satisfying for all.


Our Mission


We strive to help individuals take a greater level of responsibility for their own health. Our mission is to feed and nurture families and individuals by placing truly nutritious, sustaining foods, herbs, and supplements in their hands, at affordable prices. We stock our store with products that are healthy for the planet, as well as the person.

Featured Employee

Position: Brand Ambassador, Flemington

 Say Hello to Diane!

History at Basil Bandwagon: This month, Diane will celebrate her 12th anniversary of working at Basil Bandwagon Natural Market! If you see her – congratulate her! Diane began with Basil Bandwagon when her daughter, a former Buyer and Brand Ambassador in Clinton, suggested she join the team after spending so much time in the store!


Favorite Thing About Working at Basil Bandwagon: Diane genuinely enjoys working with customers and helping them support their wellness needs. You can frequently find her in the supplement aisles talking to customers about product suggestions and more! Diane knows her stuff! And, best of all, she is a great listener and a true empath!


Hobbies/Interests: In her spare time, Diane enjoys working in her home garden, sewing, painting, and reading – both fiction and non-fiction.


Favorite Products at Basil Bandwagon: As a supplement expert, Diane has a few favorites she’s always recommending to customers. She loves Oregon’s Wild Harvest “Aller-Aid” during allergy season and Gaia’s Turmeric formulas for her aches and pains. She’s also a big fan of Barlean’s chocolate flavored greens powder, which she uses on a regular basis to get her veggies in! Diane’s favorite food at Basil is the homemade chicken salad from the café – “absolutely scrumptious!”, she says.


Favorite Healthy Habits: Diane enjoys a good walk around her neighborhood – whether to destress and unwind by herself, or to enjoy some exercise with friends and family.


Favorite Healthy Tips: Diane likes to recommend the basics to every customer looking to cover off on total-body wellness. She suggests a quality food-based multi-vitamin, an extra vitamin D supplement (especially during winter!), and a good fish oil supplement.


Wish for the World: Diane’s wish for the world is simple: “for everyone to get along!” She, like so many of us, wishes that people were never judged by their differences from one another.


Team Member Kathryn

Featured Employee


Say Hello to Kathryn

Position: Team Member, Flemington

History at Basil Bandwagon: Kathryn (better known to us as “Kat”) started with Basil Bandwagon in early 2015. She was looking for a part-time job to work at while finishing up her college degree as a Literature major. Kat sought out work at Basil to help support local business. She really enjoys working in our small business atmosphere and working with customers directly. Kat is responsible for keeping our bulk selection stocked and cleaned.


Favorite Thing About Working at Basil Bandwagon: Depending on the day, you can find Kat in our aisles stocking shelves, at the register ringing up orders, or in our office managing cash flow. She can always help you find specific products you are looking for – and has great knowledge of them too! One of Kat’s favorite parts of her job at Basil – aside from handling the assortment of great products we carry – is working with her coworkers, who she regards as friends… and we agree!


Hobbies/Interests: Kat enjoys reading, writing, roller skating and coloring. On her breaks, you can always find her catching up on her latest fantasy novel. She also loves sharing pictures and stories of her many pets!


Favorite Products at Basil Bandwagon: Justin’s Hazelnut Butter (or any of Justin’s products, for that matter), Nectar Nuggets and Califia Café Mexicano (a chili mocha coffee drink) are a few of Kat’s favorite treats here at Basil. She is also a big fan of the Ithaca Chipotle Hummus and thinks it pairs oh-so-nicely with a loaf of French bread from Anthony & Sons Bakery – also sold in our stores.


Favorite Healthy Habits: Kat loves hiking with her dog – a mixed breed named Toro. She also loves hanging out at home decompressing with her 5 cats and many other foster kitties. Kat is a big proponent of regular animal therapy!


Wish for the World: That every person and animal could have a loving family.


produce, flemington, clinton

Featured Employee


Say Hello to Janelle 


Position/location:  Receiving


History at Basil: Janelle Deemer is definitely one of those employees that every business owner wishes they could clone: hardworking, dependable, and always eager to take on new responsibilities! Ms. Deemer came to Basil almost 2 years ago, working part time at Flemington, quickly transitioning into full time, and is currently distributing her time between the 2 locations.


Favorite thing about working at Basil: “Definitely my co-workers! We have fun here!”  Of all the positions Janelle has occupied in the store so far – she most enjoys working with and arranging produce.  Like many people, Janelle enjoys having her hands in the dirt!  Basil’s Produce Section now has a new, homey, Farm Market style that the customers are really responding positively towards, thanks to Team Produce.


Hobbies/Interests: Janelle enjoys hiking and being in nature, especially with her partner Fabian and their dog, Jasmine.  As a matter of fact, Jasmine goes just about everywhere that dogs are allowed to go, whenever possible!  And when Jasmine is not out on the town, she enjoys spending time at home with the family kitty, Tomman.  Recently Janelle surprised us all by jetting out to Las Vegas at a moments’ notice – a great time was had by all.


Favorite product(s) at Basil:

  1. Janelle has sensitive skin, so naturally she was thrilled to find “Acure” brand face wash.  She appreciates the effectiveness of the product, commenting on the “light, super-clean feeling” it gives her skin.
  2. For her supplements: Rainbow Light Womens’ Multi, as well as Little Pearls Acidophilus and bitters by Urban Moonshine for her occasional stomach issues.  The bitters are helpful for stimulating healthy digestion.


Favorite healthy habits/hints: Janelle’s motto is “A gallon of water a day keeps the doctor away!” She loves the playful ribbing from the customers about the ever-present “jug o’ water” she carries around.   Eating local and organic is definitely a priority for Janelle.  It wasn’t always that way though – her partner and his family helped to open her eyes to this healthy way of life – and working at Basil provides the continuing education she needs.


Wish for the World:  “That food could go back to the way it was.” Before Monsanto and before profit became the number one motivating factor in feeding America. There are so many consquences! People getting sick from the food they eat, small farms are becoming extinct, the exploitation of animals . . . and the list goes on.  Eating local and organic helps people physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually.

Featured Employee


Say hello to Susan


Susan Schirmer is a valuable team member at the Clinton Basil Bandwagon, who also lends her keen organizational and mathematical skills to assist both locations with record keeping and statistical analysis. Her customer service skills are exceptional, helping our patrons feel comfortable asking questions and providing them with the accurate, self-tailored information they seek.

History at Basil: Susan has been with Clinton Basil from the very beginning.  She began her career in December of 2012, just a few months after the store’s grand opening.  First as a cashier and stock person, and then soon after was given the responsibility of closing the store after the day’s business.  More recently, Susan began meeting with some of our many vendors and is using her knowledge and expertise to buy some of the supplements we offer.

Favorite Things about working at Basil Bandwagon: She has always been interested in an organic and sustainable way of living, and has always shopped in stores like Basil, so it was a match made in heaven when she came to us.  When asked what her favorite thing about working here is, she says without hesitation: THE CUSTOMERS! “They are just wonderful!” she exclaims.  “When I am able to help them feel good, I feel good.”
Hobbies: Susan has many interesting hobbies.  A self-proclaimed “Earth Mama” and “Science Nerd,” she keeps herself busy with volunteer work for The Sierra Club.  A member for 10+ years, she often runs the interesting and environmentally educational events that they offer. She has 3 wonderful adult daughters named Amrit, Schabdsurat, and Gurusimran, all of whom were born through natural child birth.  Also an artist, she enjoys painting, working with tiles, and storytelling – often from a woman’s perspective. And on top of all of this, she found time to be a Girl Scout troop leader when her daughters were young!

Favorite Healthy Habits and Hints: When asked about her favorite “healthy habits,” she replies, “I am a life-long learner.” We can surely all agree that an active mind is a healthy mind!  She also understands the importance of a regular supplement routine.  Curamin is her “go-to” which she takes every day religiously.  Also on board is LDM100, important for its anti-viral properties.

Wish for the World: If Susan could have one wish for this world . . . it would be for people to realize how precious our time here really is.  “To take care of our planet and take care of each other.”  Beautiful sentiment, Susan, and working at Basil Bandwagon is a great start

Meet the team, featured emplyee, Basil BandwagonFeatured Employee


Say hello to Dulce


Dulce Carvello traveled to America from Spain in 2010. It was our great fortune that her mother-in-law brought her to Basil Bandwagon as one of the places on her tour. She came back to live here in 2012 and started working with us in 2013. Dulce started as a cashier and moved up into being an Admin in 2015.


Favorite thing about Basil Bandwagon

“My co-workers. The energy at Basil. The energy of the employees.


Hobbies/Spare time

“What’s spare time? Being in nature. Hiking, meditating in nature, breathing surrounded by the trees in the woods. I am also a Reiki master who studied at classes in New York City at the Open Center with Joanna Crespo. Reiki is a beautiful path for the treatment of the self and others.”


Favorite product at Basil Bandwagon

“I can think of a single product at my favorite! I love the body products. We have very nutritious creams for the body.”


Favorite healthy habit

“I love to eat! Being a food lover, my healthy habit is choosing a Mediterranean diet. I choose meat that’s free of hormones and antibiotics. I choose fish and organic produce without forgetting the chocolate, of course!”


Wish for the world

“We live in a world of chaos, where it seems that most countries are involved in crisis, political crisis, wars, hunger, violence, and sadness. My wish for the world would be that human beings have the ability to remember, that no matter what color, language, religion, or beliefs, we are all equal. Our hearts beat as one. And we have the ability to  speak the language of love, tolerance and respect, and just us, united, could stop this spiral of madness in which we live.”

Searching for a job? We’re always looking for talented people to join our team.